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W196R Stage 1. Nose cone details.

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Time to start this beautiful car.  I do have a spot spot for early F1 racing cars, and also wire wheels, so this is ringing all the bells for me!  As you may remember, I built one for Agora and posted some sneaky preview photos a while ago.  So this is my second model, and I rarely build the same model twice!  But my display cabinet was simply begging me to build it!!  

I'm afraid the lighting isn't quite up to my usual standard, but I'm not building this in my usual modelling den.

Let's start with stage 1 which gives us the nose cone, steering wheel, some details and a screwdriver.


The first task is to fit the Mercedes logo to the nose cone.  It's fixed with a screw from the back.


The radiator support is fitted inside the nose cone.PB270004.thumb.JPG.cec401e80ce17d45301d52f96101e61e.JPG

The air intake frame sits on the air intake.  It's not a tight fit.


This is then fitted inside the nose cane with 2 screws.  The air intake frame is now held securely.


This completes the stage.



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