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Opening doors … how?


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Finally on to the last box.  Is it me or is there not an easy way to get the doors open??  Everything works in terms of the latches and buttons, but I’m having to carefully pry under the little recess next to the button with a very tiny doodad that won’t scratch the paint.  

This is dumb and they should have thought of something & provided instruments with the kit for operating the doors, dash buttons, brake pedal, etc. given this price point.

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Try looking for a spudger on Amazon or Google.  It's a flat bladed plastic tool used for prising open phone cases, etc.  Ideal for the job and they are very cheap.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Personally, I'm tempted to remove the latch from the mechanism so it doesn't need pressing to open the door.  

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That's what I ended up doing ... removed the button mechanisms.  I have some small plastic gunsmithing tools I can use to open doors via the hole where the buttons were.  I don't mind them not being there - they were kind of big and not really to scale, anyway.

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