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Pack 12 - Stage 99. The windscreen.

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Stage 99 gives us the windscreen and surround.


Before preparing the windscreen, let's fit the hub caps.  These just press on.


Take the windscreen trim and the windscreen fixing tapes.  These are the thinner tapes.


Peel the double sided tapes off the backing sheet and apply them to the trim.  The sheet has a complete spare set of tapes in case you mess up.  

Don't overlap the tapes.  Trim them if necessary as a double thickness of tape may show up an an unevenness in the windscreen.


The windscreen has protective film on both sides.  One clear, one blue.  Remove the clear side.


Remove the protective backing paper from the double sided tape, then stick the windscreen in place with eh clear side sticking to the tape.


Remove the blue protective film.


Finally, place the "IN RODAGGIO" sticker on the passenger side of the windscreen.  I believe this translates to "Running in." 


This completes the stage.

Sorry, but I'm leaving you on a cliff hanger now.  There is a lot of work in the final stage so it will be a few days before it's posted.

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