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LaFerrari, Pack 8 Black Edition. Stages 59, 61, 62 & 63. The doors.

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In Pack 8 Black Edition the black parts are the doors.    The other stages are identical.

I won't go into the construction in any detail as Mark A has already covered that, but I'll show you the stage contents and the finished assemblies.

Stage 59 gives us the upper and lower parts of the right door.


These simply screw together and the finished stage looks like this.


Stage 60 is the window and upper panel which is black in both the black and red editions.

Stage 61 gives us some of the interior details.


Once assembled, the black edition door looks like this.


The inside of the door looks like this.


Stage 62 gives us the remaining interior details.


Here is the inside of the door with all the details fitted.  This completes the right door for now.


Stage 63 starts the left door.


Here are the left door upper and lower parts screwed together.


This completes the pack as far as the differences between the Black and Red Editions are concerned.  In Pack 9 we will finish the left door, fit the doors and fit the nose.  The car is gorgeous.  It looks like it's doing 100mph while its stood on my shelf part finished!!

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