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Fitting the door limit switches

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Fitting the door limit switches is somewhat difficult.  Here's a method that may make it a little easier.

Take the limit switch and feed it through the larger hole in the frame, as per the instructions.


Pull the wire through a bit a form a loop.


Push this loop back through the smaller hole behind where the limit switch will sit.


Put the limit switch in approximately the right position.  The switch 'finger' points up and towards the front of the model.


Now pull on the loop of wire directly away from the switch.  This should seat the switch into its correct position.  You need to be firm enough to pull the switch into position, but be careful not to break the wires.


The switch should now be neatly seated in its proper position.


Add the switch plate to hold it in position, then make sure that the finger operates as the door is closing.


Finally, pull most of the loop of wire back.



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