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Pack 12 - Stage 94. Continuing to assemble the rear body.

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Stage 94 gives us the rear body reinforcement and rear grille, and we continue to assemble the rear body.


Put the speaker into position in the boot compartment with the wire fed through he square hole in the left side of the compartment.


Secure the speaker with the speaker bracket and a couple of screws.


Turn the compartment over and fit the rear body hinge.  This hinge is non-functional so don't worry if it seems too flimsy to take the weight of the rear body.


It will only go one way, with the hinge bar inclined towards the reversing light.


Her's a view from another angle.


Now we need to install the boot compartment in the rear body.  This is fitted with two screws, one on either side.  I noticed that the screw posts seemed to have a burr or moulding mark which would stop the boot compartment locating properly and may cause alignment problems with the rear body.  These can easily be removed by using a 3mm drill to remove the burr and chamfer the edge of the hole.  Turn the drill by hand.  Do Not use a power tool as you could easily drill too deep and wreck the rear body.


Put the boot compartment in place and secure it with a couple of screws.  Be careful not to trap the speaker or LED wires.


Fit the reinforcement structure with a couple of screws.


Turn the rear body over and push the rear grille into place.  It takes quite a firm push to get it to fully locate.


Secure the wires inside etc rear body with a length of masking tape.


This completes the stage.



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