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Pack 12- Stage 93. Assembling the boot and tail lights.

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Stage 93 gives us the boot compartment cover and speaker, but we assemble to boot compartment itself and fit the tail lights.


Take the boot compartment and self adhesive foam from stage 92.


Stick the foam over the speaker grill.


Take the reversing light body and lens from stage 92 and push them together.  The lens can go either way round.


Push the reversing light into the two holes on the boot compartment.  The lens faces away from the speaker grill.


Screw the boot compartment profile to the compartment with a couple of screws.


Take the tail light LEDs, lenses and bodies supplied earlier.


Push the light body and reflectors into the recesses in the rear body.


Secure them in place with a screw in each from the inside, then push the LED into position.  The LEDs need a firm press with a tool such as a small screwdriver to get them to seat fully.  Be careful of the wires!  The LEDs should locate firmly, but can by glued with superglue if necessary.


Finally, push the lenses in place.  These need a good push to get them to local firmly.  The lens should only protrude 2-3mm proud of the light body.  If it's much more, then the lenses aren't fully inserted.


This completes the stage.


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