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Pack 11 - Stage 91. Installing the rear bulkheads.

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Stage 91 gives us the rear grill & license plate, but we install the rear bulkheads and start to assemble the rear lights.


Take the left rear reflector and housing and press them together.  


Take the right rear bulkhead.  This photo should roughly where it fits.


Inspect the front of the rear body.  There are two holes.  The bulkhead fits in the hole closer to the bottom of the photo.


The hole in my part had some raised mould marks that needed filing off.  I finished off by using a 3mm drill to debug the hole.  Don't worry about these scratches as they are covered by the bulkhead.


The slot where the back of the rear bulkhead fits also needed some mould marks/flash removing.  You can touch in any visible scratches with black paint.


Push the bulkhead into place and secure it with a screw.  It must be fully located to avoid any potential fit issues later in the assembly.


Repeat with the other bulkhead.  Oddly, there was a lot less flash on this side.


Fit the right hand reflector into the light cluster housing.


This completes the stage and the pack.  Just one more pack to go!!


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