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Pack 11 - Stage 88. Installing the eyelashes and bonnet reinforcement structure.

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Stage 88 gives us the rear body, but we install the eye lashes and bonnet reinforcement framework.


Take the upper grille and spring clip from stage 85.


Fit the spring slip to the grille.  It should go roughly in the middle, but doesn't seem to matter exactly which slot it goes in.  The longer end of the clip goes towards the front of the grille, with the square ends.




Make sure that the longer end of the spring clip is hooked over the body.


Now prise the shorted end over the body.  This is quite difficult but can be done using some persuasion from a small flat screwdriver blade. 


The fitted grille looks like this from the pretty side.


Next fit the headlight eyelashes.  These are different top and bottom so make sure you get them the right way round.  A drop of superglue can be used if they don't want to stay in place.


Carefully bend the wires at the back of the headlight down again the back of the headlight housing to stop them fouling against the eye lashes.


Check that the headlights can pivot up smoothly.


Fit the reinforcement structure inside the front body.


Secure it with two screws through the cross bar. 


This completes the stage.



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