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Look What Santa Brought Me! A Wonderful Pair of Pins 😁 I Didn't Give Him Mince Pies Though. He Was Late.

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Well Pack 9 is done and dusted, and I promise you, this one for me was not easy. Why you ask?

Well nothing major, but you sure have to be strong to get Part H onto A, well in my case at least, didn't have this problem with left leg, but did with his right, it took quite a bit of force to get this part on fully.Β 

As you can see it's done now, and luckily I had some spare PWB screws 2.6 x 8 because there was not enough in pack, inconvenient yes, but not the end of the world, because you can use just the normal PB 8 screws if you're stuck.

TBH I think Santa had way too many whiskies and wasn't counting correctly 🀣

So nearing ever closer to pack 10, but what a great looking pair of legs has Optimus, he can go Dancing in the Street now without anyone laughing at him.

By the way, I want to wish all my fellow model makers here at the forum and the General, Agora Sam, and Delphine Agora and all you guys at Agora Models the very best of wishes for 2024!

May luck and peace be with us all in the coming year.






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Just now, Christopher Christou said:

Nice job Phil,just 3 packs left!!! I'm pumped to see the end result which should be March time!!

Happy New year to you too!

Thank you Chris, really nice of you to say so.Β 

Happy New Year buddy!

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