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LaFerrari, Pack 7

Mark A

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Stage 49, The Rear left side panels

Start with the two radiator assemblies from packs 46 and 47. Assemble these as shown. They are a press fit, so there are no screws to worry about.


Next, select 2 type H screws, the cover plate from stage 48, and the lower left body panel. The cover plate sits on the two posts on the body panel, and is secured with the two H screws.


Lastly, select 2 type H screws and 2 type E screws, as well as the assembly from the first 2 steps, and the upper side panel. Secure the radiator assembly to the body panel with the 2 type E screws, then add the upper panel with the 2 type E screws.


Stage finished!

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Stage 51, The main chassis


This stage is BIG and beautiful! We finally get the front of the chassis, and it starts to show the lines of the body.

Start with the assembly we built way back in stage 20, the fan housing. Place it into position as indicated, and secure with 2 type E screws. Next, locate both the cooling system base, and the front plate. The front plate is secured with 4 G screws, whilst the cooling system base is secured with 2 type G screws.







Stage complete!

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Stage 52, The steering system

There is a lot going on in this stage, despite it only being 4 steps!


Start by inserting the rack shaft into place. This requires a bit of wiggling to get into place, so try, try again until it fits into place. Then, secure the rack shaft guard in place with a G screw.


Next, insert the steering rod through the two circular holes in the chassis, making sure that the rack shaft is centered, and not tilted one way or the other. The steering rod sort of floats in place until later in this stage, so be careful handling the chassis, or you'll be forever repositioning the steering rod into place.


In step 3, the steering rod is held in place with another rack guard, and is secured with 3 type G screws.


Lastly, in step 4, there are 2 detail bits that are positioned on the chassis, as well as the luggage compartment. The detail parts are pressed into position, and the luIMG_6136.jpg.0348bcee7f1ab4b1036623dac6f508ea.jpgIMG_6137.jpg.a12a0cce017ff3a1d9a45b5e12baec74.jpgIMG_6138.jpg.f0a4c457c7f8bf36067a7378849052ff.jpgggage compartment is secured with 2 screws, a FF and a B type.

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Stage 53, The front suspension


There are a lot of parts in this stage, so lets get to it! Start by mounting both the right and left shocks to the lower control arms. The shocks are mounted with a BB type screw.


In step 2, the shocks are completed, as well as other details on the control arms/ Start with the springs, and place them onto the shock. The, place the shock bushing over the post on the shock and compress the spring while driving a N type screw down through the shock bushing. Next, the ball joint for the tie rod is installed along with the keeper flange. (Take note of the shape of the inner part of the flange. There is a chamfered relief for the ball joint on one face)


For step 3, the upper control arms receive their ball joints, which are installed the same way as the ones on the lower control arms.


Stage complete!

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Stage 54, The front left brake

Step one is attaching the hinges to both of the side panels. The hinges are held in place with a K screw. Make note of how the threaded portion of the hinge is pointing; both should face each other.


In step 2, the upper control arm is attached to the brake assembly with a L type screw.


Next, the lower control arm is attached. Pay attention to the schematic, and select the correct lower control arm. The flat arm should be upwards, while the bent arm is down.


Stage complete!

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Stage 55, The right front brake

Start this stage by attaching the 4 remaining hinges to the front chassis, as depicted. secure these with 4 M type screws. Then, following the directions for the previous stage,assemble the control arms to the brake caliper. Lastly, screw the shock bushings to the chassis with 4 CC screws.


In step 2, the upper control arms are mounted using 4 of the long Type O screws. Once this is completed, the steering rod is connected to the brake caliper assemblies with 2 type C screws.


Lastly, the tie rod from stage 54 is connected to the upper control arms with 2 H screws.


Stage complete!

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Stage 56, The interior light and switches

Step 1 is the placement of the interior light. this is a press fit, and I encountered no problems.


Step 2 is a bit of a bear. The switches can only go in one way, and I found Wayne Greens World of Wayne Stage 56 to be of great help in understanding how the stitch is oriented. you can find the video here, with the stitches being covered at 21:45 (or so)

Step 3 is an easy one, with the lower side panels being pressed into place.


Stage and pack complete!

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