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A masterpiece

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I'll start by saying that I'm not a Transformers fan! 
but I purchased this model because from the first images I understood that I was in front of a very high quality model! ... and in fact it is not disappointing my expectations! 
I think it's the first model of this size and weight to have incredible poseability... like a 20cm model! 
I'm also building the Mazinga of the hachette...but the Optimus Prime of the Agora is superior from every point of view, there's no doubt about it! 
many people argue that a model to be built doesn't necessarily have to have a high poseability because you don't have to play with it and you put it inside a display case... 
I don't agree at all! if I buy an articulated model I want it to actually be articulated... and this optimus prime does not disappoint! 
It has fantastic and extremely solid joints that allow unprecedented dynamism for a model of this size and weight!







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Well my friend the only difference between us is the fact that I am a Transformers fan of the Gen 1 and movies, everything  else I fully agree with you, it has been a fabulous build and though I know there is not far to go now, I'm kinda sad it'll be coming to an end soon!

But what a masterpiece of a model we will own!

You take care BIZZIO and I wish you compliments of the season.

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