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Pack 10 - Stage 77. Bonnet interior structure.

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Stage 77 gives us the bonnet interior structure, but we fit the cockpit and do a bit of wiring.


We start this stage by connecting the dashboard cables.  The indicator switch is connected first.  Feed it under the crossmember, and connect it to socket 1.  These connectors only go in one way round, and they are quite stiff so need a firm push.


Continue with the horn switch, instrument panel LED and Dashboard LED.  These go into connectors 2, 7 and 8 respectively.


Before fitting the cockpit, I secured teh cables with a bit of masking tape to keep them from getting trapped or tangled.


Before fitting the cockpit, VERY carefully bend the foot pedal cables down.  They are very fragile.


Fit the cockpit into the body.  Put the rear end in first, then lower the front.  Be careful not to trap either the key switch cable in the cockpit, or the interior light cable.


Feed the foot pedal wires in front of the cockpit floor as you push the front down.  They go under the crossmember and into the circuit board housing.


The cockpit is secured with 4 screws.  Two at the back, although the photo only shows one side.


Two at the front.  Again, only one side is shown.


Connect the cables as follows.  The accelerator in connector 3, the brake in connector 13, the key switch in connector 6 and the interior light in connector 16.


This completes the stage.



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