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Pack 10 - Stage 76. The electronic circuit board, and fitting the front subframe.

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Stage 76 gives us the circuit board.


Before starting assembly, check that the instrument light LED is securely fixed in the dashboard.  If it's not tight, fix it with a drop of superglue.  Otherwise it will fall out after you've fixed the front subframe in place and you'll have to disassembly everything to put it back.  Go on, ask me how I know!!!


Offer up the dash to the central body.


It's secured with two screws the go into the bottom of the front of the body.


Once fitted it looks like this.


Take the circuit board and remove the protective caps from teh connectors.  These can be discarded.


Fit the board into the recess in the bottom of the front subframe.  Note that connectors 13 to 16 go closest to the steering rack.

When handling the board, hold it by the edges to reduce the risk of stating electricity damaging the board.


Now we fit the front subframe to the central body.  This should be easy as we've had a practice and sorted out any fit problems.  


Make sure that you don't trap any of the dashboard wires.


Fit the two screws under the front of the body.  I found it best to fit drive these screws fully home as they pull the front subframe into place and help line up the other two screws.


Now fit the other two screws below where the door hinge will go.  The model is upside down in the photo below.


We connect the steering column next.  Turn the steering wheel so that the half of the joint is facing up.  Then carefully place the steering column on the joint, ensuring that the pin goes in the hole.


Place the half of the joint supplied in this stage on top of the universal joint, ensuring that the pin locates in the hole.


Then fix it with a screw.  Make sure that the steering wheel turns the wheels.  The wheels only turn a small amount, not as far as they would on the real car, but this is a compromise necessary as you can't scale the steering rack mechanism.


This completes the stage and is a bit of a milestone!



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