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Pack 10 - Stage 75. Fuel pumps and front reinforcing plates.

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Stage 75 gives us the fuel pumps and front subframe reinforcing plates.


Before we make a start on pack 10 I'm going to suggest that you test fit the front frame and rear frame on the central body.  It's easier to do this now and carry out any minor adjustments needed before the dashboard and cockpit assemblies are fitted.  Then you know that these parts will fit when you do come to fit them.  

Try fitting the front sub-frame to the central body.


The bottom parts of the body should line up.


The top of the firewall should be very close to the bottom of the front valance.  There should be almost no gap.


I found that the central body was a bit tight and the bottom (The areas where the bottom of the door front edge will be.) had to be sprung out a bit.  It didn't need any filing, and it sprung out quite easily because of the U shape of the body.. 

Make sure that the holes under the front valance line up.


Make sure that the screw holes in the side line up as well.


Remove the front subframe when you're satisfied that it will fit properly.

Now try fitting the rear subframe.


There are two pairs of screws.  One pair are near the bottom of the front of the subframe, and one pair are at the top of the front of the frame.  Make sure that these all line up properly.

I found that the ones at the bottom of the rear subframe lined up easily.


The ones at the top of the rear subframe were a bit more difficult.


I needed to sand some paint and mould lined off the rear subframe and the screw post.


I also needed to drill out the holes in the central body assembly a little.  Not much more that just clearing out the excess paint from the hole.  This must be kept to an absolute minimum or it could lead to a poor panel fit with the rear hood.


Once you're happy, remove the rear frame assembly.

This preparatory work will make future assembly much easier.

Now, on with stage 75.  Take the right reinforcement plate.  It's identified by having 4 holes.  The left plate has 5 holes.


Remove any mould marks and flash, and fit it on the right hand side of the front frame.  The top must be flush with the fire wall or the front frame won't fit on the body properly.


Take the left plate and fit it on the left side of the front subframe, and again, the top must be flush with the top of the firewall..


Take the two fuel pumps and fit them to the bracket.  The tops of the fuel pumps are domed and the bottoms are flat.  Remove any burrs from the pins that will be used to connect the fuel lines.  


Note that the pins on the bracket go to the right of the fuel pumps when viewed from the back.  


Take the two red Y fittings and fit the long and short pipes to them.  


Now fit the fuel pipes to the fuel pumps.  You will need to expand the pipes with a cocktail stick and glue them in place as the pins on the fuel pumps are a little short and fat.  


Pump the fuel pump bracket pins into the holes in the right reinforcement plate.


Bend the pipes round and insert them in the holes in the front frame.  I shortened my pipes a bit to get a more pleasing bend to the pipes.  


This completes the stage.






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