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Pack 9 - Stage 72. More details for the front subframe (I).

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Stage 72 gives us more details for the front subframe.


Before we start assembling this stage, de-bur all the holes on the front subframe.  Simply take a 2-3mm drill and give is a few twists by hand to bevel the hole slightly.  Don't be tempted to use a power tool (Dremel type) as that's far too aggressive for this task.  This will make it easier to insert the pins of the components as they are fitted.  You can also remove any mould lines from the pins of the parts.  The observant will notice that this is the right side of the car; I only realised that the burrs were making it difficult to insert the pins after I'd started assembling the stage.


Fit the relay box.


Assemble the clutch and brake reservoir onto the mounting plate.


The instructions say to mount it like this, but it's actually easier to mount the wipe motor first.


So I removed the clutch and brake reservoirs and fitted the wiper motor.


Then re-fitted the reservoirs.  They were a bit wobbly so were glued in place.


Then I fitted the indicator relay.


This completes the stage.


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