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Pack 9 - Stage 70. Radiator panel (II)

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Stage 70 gives us the second half of the radiator, and we get to fit it. 


Place the two fans on the upper half of the radiator.


The fans have a square corner and a rounded corner.  The rounded corner goes on the clockwise side.


Place the grills over the fans.  The opening goes to the left and the radiator mounting lugs are at the top.  The grills have 2 pins in them which locate in the grill.


Carefully turn the assembly over and secure the grills with a couple of screws.


Now we come to mounting the radiator on the front subframe.  It's a bit awkward getting the screws in.  I'd suggest pre-threading the holes in the front frame, and also insert the screws in the mounting lugs before putting the radiator in place.  


Edit:  Before fixing the radiator in place, sand the paint of the top of the screw posts on the front sub-frame.  This will lower the radiator a little and allow the front body to close properly on the finished model.


Then, using a long cross head screwdriver, screw the radiator in place.


This completes the stage.




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