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Pack 9 - Stage 69. Radiator panel (I).

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Stage 69 gives us the first half of the radiator panel, but we fit the front subframe details supplied in the previous stage.


Take the two screw covers supplied in the previous stage.


They cover the screw heads near the top of the shock absorbers.  These push into place, but they aren't a very secure fit.  I'd glue them in place with a little superglue or PVA.  Otherwise they are likely to fall out while you're handling the front frame, then you ned up spending hours trawling the carpet looking for them.  Ask me how I know!!


Screw the tank tube to its support.


Push the tank cap onto the tank tube support.


Push this assembly onto the front frame.  THe support fits into three holes in the crossbar, and the other end of the tube fits into a hole in the front frame assembly.


Assemble the two parts of the master cylinder.  They push together. 


This pushes into two holes under the rear of the left front wheel arch.


This completes the stage.




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