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Pack 12 - Stage 99. Bottom panel.

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Stage 99 gives us the bottom panel.


Retrieve the speaker that was supplied in stage 34 and place it on the bottom panel.  Note which way the wires lead out.


Secure the speaker with the clamp and a couple of screws.


Fit the on/off switch to the bottom panel with a couple of screws.  It doesn't particularly matter where the cable lies as long as it doesn't foul the screw posts or the battery box.


Turn the bottom panel over so it's the correct way up, then connect the speaker cable.  


Tuck the speaker cable out of the way so it can't be seen and doesn't get in the way of anything.  

Notice that screw holding the front of the silver fuel tank?  If you haven't done so already, remove it.  One of the bottom panel screws will go in that hole.


Tuck the switch connector out of the way as well.


Put the bottom panel in place so that the screw holes line up and use 5 PM type screws in these holes.


6 BM screws (3 each side) are used to secure the sides of the bottom panel.


This is the bottom panel screwed in place.


Now I'll fit the wheels.  You'll need the plastic washer, screw and wheel nut for each wheel.


There is a slot in each brake disc and there is a matching tab on the inside of the wheel to locate the brake disc properly.


Put the wheel in place, making sure that the tab drops into the slot in the brake disc.  Drop the washer in the wheel centre and secure with a screw.  Don't over tighten the screw.


Push the wheel nut onto the centre of the wheel.


Four wheels on my wagon!


Apply the Gulf-Porsche decal to the rear hood panel.  Some decal softener will help the top of the decal go round the top edge of the panel.


Fit the rear hood to the model.


The hood support can be used to hold the hood open. You may need to adjust the screws holding the bottom of the support to get the top end to fit in its recess.


This completes the stage.



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