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Pack 12 - Stage 96. Left side fairing.

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Stage 96 gives us the left side fairing.


There are 3 different, but similar brackets, type 1, 2 & 3.  They can be identified quite easily as the numbers are engraved on the parts.


Fit 2 type 1 brackets to the rear of the fairing.  These brackets should all be left very slightly loose.  Tighten them so you can twist them with a bit of resistance.  This will make it much easier to align the screw holes when you fit the fairings to the car.


Fit a two 2 bracket to the front of the fairing.  Again, only tighten them just tighten enough so you can twist them with some resistance.


The type 3 bracket goes in the middle.  Again, tightened so that it can just be twisted.


The upper bracket goes to the top of the fairing.  This brackets also needs to be able to twist a little with some resistance.


The front plate is fitted with a couple of screws.


Fit the fairing to the model.  It will clip definitely into place as the top lip clips over the chassis plate and chassis.

The yellow wire should come out the bottom of the chassis in front of the fuel tank.


Screw the top bracket in place in the hole in the left cockpit housing.


Screw the bottom 4 brackets in place.  You'll probably need to twist them just slightly to get the screw holes to line up.



Remove the screw that is holding the back of the fuel tank.  This screw isn't needed now and it will interfere with the bottom panel.


This completes the stage.




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