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Pack 8, Assembling the lower left leg

Mark A

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Part 1, Assembling the leg


Optimus gets some pants! This pack deals with the outer coverings for the left leg. As usual, the quality is superb, with the bulk of the cladding being diecast.

Start with TR-8-01, TR-8-22 and TR-8-34. I needed to flatten out the screen a bit. I did this by rolling the CONVEX surface under an Xacto knife handle. Use a light touch here, as you don’t want it to curve the other way! I used a bit of gel CA on each of the mounting pegs to hold the backing plate (TR-8-22) in place.



Next, add TR-8-03 to the assembly, and secure with PWM2x6 screws, (Steps 2-3) Next, add TR-8-32 to the assembly, using 2 PWB2.6 x 8 screws. This is referred to as assembly  “A” from here out.


Part 2


You’ll need TR-8-10,11,12, and 13 for the next assembly as well as 4 PB 2.6x8 screws. The end caps are handed, and slide into the main part quite easily. Next install TR-8-13 with the screws. (steps 1-2) This yields assembly B.


Part 3

Next, using assemblies A and B, screw B onto A, using PWB2.6x8 screws. Now, take TR-8-5 and mount it onto Assembly A as well. You’ll use PWM2x6 screws for this stage. Now, using 2 M3x8 bolts as well as 2 serrated washers, thread the bolts into Assembly A, followed with a PB206x8 screw from the front side. This yields assembly “C.”


Part 4


Part 4, step 1 is the same as part 1, so flatten out the mesh, and secure it all in place with the CA glue of your choice.

Step two follows in the same footsteps as the first, with an internal piece (TR-8-04) being installed onto TR-8-2, using PWM2x6 screws. (Steps 2-3)

Step 4 has an added part, a rubber bushing that is placed into its receptacle before TR-8-08 is screwed into place. As before, you’ll use both screws and bolts to secure the metal skin into place. (Steps 5-7) This is now assembly “D.”



Part 5


For this, you’ll need the lower left leg from pack 7. Taking assembly C, position it over the pegs on the leg, an secure it with 4 PB 2.3x8 screws. (steps 1-2) Steps 3-4 use 4 M3x10 bolts as well as 4 of the serrated washers. ( TR-8-38) To complete part 5, add TR-8-16 to the front of the left leg, and secure with 4 PWB screws.  (Step 5)


Part 6


Using TR-8-08 and TR-8-24, assemble the two using PWM 2x6 screws. Next assemble the two pieces you just completed. You’ll need 4 M3x8 bolts, as well as the 4 split washers, TR-8-37. You’ll need the hex wrench for these, so hopefully you still have it. I didn’t….. (steps 1-4) This creates assembly “G.”


Part 7


Take assembly G, and install it onto the front of the lower left leg, using 2 PB2.6x8 screws. In step 3, you’ll need 4x PWB2.6x8 screws. These are driven in from the sides. I needed to flex assembly G a bit to get the screw holes to like up as they were about 1mm out of alignment. It’s not a problem to get them lined up though, and your mileage may vary. (steps 1-3) Steps 4 and 5 are installing trim pieces that cover up the screw holes. These are press fit in, so no adhesive is needed.  


For steps 6-8, you’ll need the 2 magnets, and parts TR-8-13 and 8-14. To make sure you have the magnets facing the right direction, place a magnet on the tip of your screwdriver. This shows the side of the magnet that needs to face out. Dab a bit of CA glue into the hole for the magnet, and place the magnet into the hole, then simply pull the screwdriver away. This keeps the magnet in the proper orientation to “grab” the screw in the next step. Simply place the long pin into the hole, and align the two parts. The magnets do the rest of the work.



Steps 9-10 are cladding for the “calf.” You’ll need 6 PWB2.6x8 screws for this step.


Step 8

Start by assembling the 3 parts of assembly “J.” Then, take assembly J and press it into place on the back of the lower leg, along with TR-8-18. Both of these parts are a press fit and need no adhesive. (steps 1-3) Next, press part TR-8-30 into place on the inside of the lower leg.  (step 4)  Step 5 is the final step of this pack, and will yield the locating pin for the foot. There are two holes in the leg, and the pin goes through the hole of your choice, and into the rubber bushing.




This completes both the part, and the pack!





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Thank you Mark for preview of 8 but it looks worth the wait. Serious chunky metal by the looks.

And like Bizzio, I love the way the mesh covers the holes, and can't wait either to receive it.

Well done.

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