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Pack 11 - Stage 89. Fitting the right hand door.

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Stage 89 gives us the details for the right hand door.


Much of this assembly is the same as the left hand door in stages 86 and 87.  I'll be a little brief here, so refer back to those stages if you need a more in depth description of the assembly.

We start by assembling the door lock.

Push the long pin through the lock, then drop the smaller spring over the pin.


Drop the latch over the spring and then secure it with the short pin.


Push the lock release over the end of the long pin.  I found that mine didn't grip that securely, so I put a tiny drop of super glue in the hole in the latch.  You need to be very miserly with the glue as you don't want any excess dripping into the lock mechanism.


Make sure that the lock mechanism operates smoothly, then screw it to the inside of the door.


Push the door light onto the door, noting that the white lens points forwards.


Push the vent window on to the main window.


Now screw the window assembly to the door.


That's the door complete, now we can turn our attention to the hinges.

Fit the lower hinge with the metal clamp.  As before, the shorter screw must be driven home and tight, but the longer screw with the spring must not be fully tightened as the clamp has to be able to lift against the spring.


Fit the upper hinge with 2 screws.


Now put the door in position and close the latch so it's flush with the body.  Then you can screw the hinges to the door.


The door should look like this from the outside.  


Check that it opens and closes smoothly.


This completes the stage and the pack.




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