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Pack 11 - Stage 87. Attaching the left door.

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Stage 87 gives us some details for the left hand door and we will attach the door to the front body.


Push the vent window onto the main window.


Screw this to the left door with 7 small screws.


Put the lower hinge in place.  


Secure it with the clamp and a screw type RM that goes in the hole closest to the door.  I found the this screw definitely needed a bit of oil to get it to drive fully home.  This screw needs to be tight.


Put the spring over a type NM screw and screw this into the other hole in the clamp.  I needed to loosen the RM screw so that I could get these holes to align.  Don't lubricate this screw, and only screw it down far enough so that it just compresses the spring.  The clamp must be able to move up against the spring to hold the door open and closed.  


Place the upper hinge in position.


Secure it with the clamp.


Put the door in position and engage the door lock so the door is flush with the body.


Screw the two hinges to the door.


THe door should look like this from the outside.


Check that it opens and closes smoothly.


Push the rear view mirror in place.


This completes the stage.



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