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Pack 11 - Stage 86. Left door lock.

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Stage 86 gives us the left door lock and hinges.  There are some small, fiddly parts in this stage.  Be careful not to lose any of them.


Take the long pin and insert it in the lock.  Be careful as it will fall out quite easily.


Place the spring over the pin.


Place the latch over the spring.


Insert the shorter pin through the other hole in the lock to secure the latch.


Push the lock release over the end of the longer pin.  This should finally hold the longer pin in place.  When you push down not he lock release the latch should pivot outwards.


Screw the lock assembly to the inside of the door.


It should look like this from the outside.


Finally press the door light in position.  Note that the white lens points forwards.


This completes the stage.


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