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Pack 10 - Stage 75. Second fuel pump and fuel filler neck.

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Stage 75 gives us the fuel filler neck and the second fuel pump.


Note: Don't glue any of the fuel piping as some of this will be replaced in a later stage.

Screw the two halves of the filler neck together.


Push to tray onto the chassis plate.


Fit the filler neck with a screw from underneath.


Take the two breather pipes and fit them between the top of the filler neck and the chassis plate.  It takes a bit of careful flexing but they will go in.  Alternatively you could loosen the screw holding the filler next to give you a bit of movement.


Glue the handle to the fuel filler cap.


Push this onto the filler neck.


Fit the fuel pump to the protective shield and fit this to the chassis plate.  If necessary, remove any mould lines from the bottom of the protective plate.


Take the fuel pipe and fit it to the lower pin on the fuel pump and the appropriate pin on the chassis plate.


I fitted the connectors to the two braided fuel lines before fitting the chassis plate as this looked like it would be tricky with the chassis plate in place.


Fit the chassis plate in place.  It's secured with two screws that are fitted from under the chassis.  There is also a pin that locates into the fuel tank/battery holder.  This is a bit tricky to get in place, but does go with a bit of persuasion.  Connect the two fuel lines to the filler neck when the chassis plate is in place.


Connect the braided fuel pipe to the pump fitting with the connector.


Connect this fuel line to the lower arm of the Y piece, and to the fuel pump of course.  Pre-bend it as best you can to avoid putting strain on the pump fitting.  Note that I moved the fuel pipe fitted to the chassis plate in stage 73 out of the way to give a bit more room to work.  It's fitted back after the braided pipe is connected.


Now fit the braided fuel line from the first fuel pump to the upper arm of the Y connector.


Fit the support rod in place.  It's plastic so can be gently flexed to get it into position.  Scrape off any mould lines from the pins.


This completes the stage.



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