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Pack 10 - Stage 55. Third smoke generator.

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Stage 55 gives us the 3rd smoke generator.  This is (probably) the final smoke generator as the aft most funnel on the Titanic was only used for engine room and galley ventilation.  The boilers only exhausted through the front 3 funnels.


Insert the spring in the end of the filter.


Insert the filter assembly, spring end first, into the tank.  THe filter should be able to move freely in the neck of the tank so that the spring can keep it in contact with the smoke generator element.  Mine was a little squashed to an oval shape and stuck in the neck.  Rolling it between my fingers made it round again.


Place the smoke generator in its holder, red wire facing up.


Screw this to the funnel top interior.


This can now be pushed over the tank assembly and the plastic band is used to hold the cable in place.

This completes the stage.



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