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Pack 10 - Stage 54. Third funnel.

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Stage 54 gives us the 3rd funnel.


Put the full plating round the funnel body and fix it with 6 of the tiny screws.  Make sure you get the right holes.


Place the stay collar on the funnel top.  Note that the slots are different sizes to it will only go one way round.  Also note that the textured details go to the top.


Put the funnel top on the funnel body.  THe three holes in the funnel top line up with the seam in the plating.


Take the platform and glue it to the funnel body.  I had to scrape some of the paint off the tab to get a good fit.  The funnel top was removed temporarily while I was fitting this.


Glue the whistle/pipe to the water pipe, then glue these to the front of the funnel.


Glue the ladder in place.


Glue the aft water pipe to the aft side on the funnel.


Feed the smoke generator extension cable through the fuel.


Not that the female end comes out the top of the funnel.


Screw the funnel to the funnel base with a couple of screws.  Be careful to feed the extension cable through a hole in the deck house, being careful not to trap it under the funnel.


Now I glued the pipe from the previous stage in place.


This completes the stage, and I couldn't resist just placing the funnel base on the boat deck.



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