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Pack 9 - Stage 50. Two lifeboats and a cutter.

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Stage 50 gives us two lifeboats, a cutter and also other LED strip and a davit..


Take the cutter and the two boat supports.  The boat supports are handed, but I couldn't work out which way they go from the instructions.  The instructions say to glue them in, but I have decided to leave them loose for now, at least until They are mounted on the model and you can work out which way round the supports go.


Assemble one lifeboat with a tarpaulin and block gears.  Don't glue this yet.


Turn the deck over and clip the LED strip in place.


Assemble the davit arm onto the davit and glue it to the deck.  Make sure you get the arm on the correct side of the davit.


Glue the two benches in place.  Again, I had to scrape some paint off the tabs to get them to sit on the deck properly.


Put the dome in place, but don't glue it yet.  I actually stored it loose after the photos were taken to save losing it.


This completes the stage and the Pack.


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