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Pack 9 - Stage 49. Aft section of the boat deck.

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Stage 49 gives us the aft section the boat deck and some reflective stickers.


Stick the self-adhesive decks to the aft boat deck.  My wooden decks had got slightly curled in the box, but I left them overnight under a book which got most of the curl out.  They stuck down just fine.


Take the forward boat deck section already constructed and join it this aft section.


It's joined by two screws and two glued plates as before.  Keep the glue away from the join line as you don't want glue leaking through and spoiling your deck.


Take the funnel deck assembly and place the two spongy adhesive strips over the LED strips.  I assume this is done because the LEDs are too bright for the small space.


Take the reflective stickers and place them on the inside of the bulkheads.  When it comes to the windows, I found it easiest to remove the windows from the sticker, then remove the sticker itself.  This saves having to try and remove the windows from the stickers as the don't always stay on the sheet.


The following photos are the various stickers all in position.







This completes the stage.The deck is now too long for my cutting mat, which means I have to tidy my work bench... Bahhhh.....



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