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Pack 9 - Stage 46. Port lifeboats and davits.

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Stage 46 gives us the port boat decking, lifeboats and davits.


This is virtually a repeat of stage 45, so I'll be brief.

Stick the self-adhesive deck down, making sure that the holes line up.


Glue the winch in place.


Glue the bench in place.  You'll probably need to scrape the brown paint off the tabs to get it to sit in the holes easily.  The tabs and holes are triangular rather than rectangular which is a bit odd, but they work fine once you realise.


Assemble the davits as you did in stage 45.  It's exactly the same process.


Glue the davits to the boat deck.


Assemble the lifeboats, but do not glue them.


This completes the stage.



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