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Pack 9 - Stage 45. First two lifeboats.

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Stage 45 gives us the first two lifeboats and another piece of decking.


Stick the self-adhesive decking to the boat deck.  Make sure that the holes line up.


Now we start on the davits.  These are quite easy, but there are several similar shaped parts which are subtly different, so pay close attention to the instructions.  I couldn't show the differences between the similar parts in photos very clearly, so I've included the relevant step from the instructions.

For the first davit, take a davit arm type A and a bade type A and glue them together.  The instruction highlights the locations of the pins and holes to identify the correct parts.  Superglue is the best glue for this.


The completed davit looks like this.  Note how the davit arm is angled forward.


The second davit uses a type B davit base, a type B arm and a type C2 arm.


The completed davit looks like this.  Note how one arm angles out to match the first davit arm, and the other davit arm is pointing vertically upwards.


The third and fourth davits are simpler.  Use type C bases and a type C1 and C2 arm on each davit.  

Both davit arms point vertically upwards.


Glue the assembled davits to the boat deck using a small amount of super glue on each pin.  The first davit goes closest to the bridge and the second goes next.  Note how the davit arms for the first lifeboat both point outwards.


The next two davits are then glued in place.


Now we assemble the two lifeboats.  Don't glue these together yet.

Push the tarpaulin onto each lifeboat.


Push the block gear into to front and rear of each lifeboat.


This completes the stage, and you can also see the winch behind the fourth davit that I forgot to mention. 🤦‍♂️  It simply glues in place.


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