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Pack 8 - Stage 43. Bridge bulkheads.

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Stage 43 gives us the bridge bulkheads and a strip of LEDs.


Fit the larger bulkheads first.  Scrap any mould lines from the bottom the bulkheads as they will stop it sitting neatly on the deck.

Apply a tiny drop of superglue the pins of the bulkhead and also to the grooves in the roof section.  Push it into place.


Take the smaller bulkhead panels, scrape any mould lines from the bottom and glue them in place. 


Glue the lamps to the top of the bridge wing structures.


Turn the deck over and clip the LED circuit board in place.


Plug the connectors in and then plug your test board in and check that all the lights, including the navigation lights, are working.


This completes the stage.


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