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Pack 8 - Stage 41. Forward boat deck and bridge.

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Stage 41 gives us the forward boat deck and navigation bridge.


The first job is to fix the LEDs.  These are for the navigation side lights which are red and green of course.  Both LEDs are white, bu there will be red and green lenses fitted in the next stage.  

Clip the LEDs in place and then clips the wires in place.  It's a bit tricky to get the wires under the clips, but I found that the flat bladed small screwdriver helped push them behind the clips.  Be careful not to damage the wires though.

Finally feed the connectors through the holes in the deck.

I tested the LEDs with the test board after fitting them, just to be sure they worked since the wires will be trapped under the self adhesive deck.


Peel the backing from eh deck and carefully stick it in place.  Make sure that the holes all line up.

This deck stuck firmly (unlike the earlier ones) so I didn't need to use an additional adhesive.


This completes the stage.

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