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Pack 8 - Stage 40. The propellors and shafts.

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Stage 40 gives us the props and shafts, and the starboard anchor.


Fit the props to the shafts, but don't glue them yet.  They will need to be removed later.  Note that the props are all different.  The centre prop is smaller with 4 blades and the outer props are three bladed.  They are handed so one engine rotates clockwise while the other rotates anti-clockwise.


Push the shafts into their sockets in the gearbox.


fit the 4 plates that hold the shafts in position.  Two forward for the outer shafts.


Two towards the rear for the centre shaft.


Plug in your test board and check that the shafts and engines still rotate smoothly.


Feed the starboard anchor through the hawse hole.


Clip the chain to the clasp on the winch rope.  The instructions make reference to using the longer clip if the chains are different lengths.  Mine were the same so I didn't need this.


This completes the stage.

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