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Pack 9 - Stage 72. Left rear wheel arch.

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Stage 72 gives us the left rear wheel arch and we also continue with more of the plumbing.


First, fit the oil tank cap and feed the breather pipe towards the rear of the engine.


The other end is connected to the oil recovery tank.


Take the two braided fuel lines and test fit them so you can see where they need to be bent.  They go in front of the engine, underneath the air covers.  Bend them as accurately as you can.


Fit them in place on the fuel manifold.  I'd suggest not gluing them at the moment in case they need to be removed to aid fitting the other ends.

EDIT: Do not glue any of the fuel or oil pipes at the moment.  Some of these will be replaced in a later Pack.


The other ends are just left loose for the moment.


Push the brake cooling duct onto the wheel arch.


Put the wheel arch in place.  Make sure that you don't trap the wires for the rear lights.


Fit the single screw on the top first.


Now turn the model over and snap the front of the wheel arch into place.  Secure it with 3 screws.


Finally, finish securing the wheel arch with the 4 screws on the top of the wheel arch.


This completes the stage and the pack.



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