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Pack 9 - Stage 66. The Radiator

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Stage 66 gives us the radiator and associated pipework.


Screw the radiator front panel to the body with a couple of screws then push the two sides in place.  Be careful to get the sides the right way round.  


It looks like this from the rear of the radiator.


Push a connector onto the hose coupling.


Push the metal hose into the connector.  You may need a touch of superglue to secure the coupler to the connector.


Repeat for the other end of the metal hose.


Repeat the whole operation to complete a second identical hose.


Push the pins on the couplings into the holes in the radiator.


Bend the metal hoses so that they point down toward the floor.


Fit the radiator to the front floor panel with 2 screws.


Remove the water hose (37B) from the water pump housing (8A).  This was fitted in Pack 5 stage 37.


Cut two lengths of water cooling pipe, each 285mm long.  You may find that they are somewhat kinked from being wrapped up in the bag.  Easily fixed; just drop the in very hot water and they will straighten up like magic.  

Push one of these pipes onto the pin on the water pump housing where you just removed the old pipe and feed it under the firewall and along side the passenger seat.


Feed it under the wiring board (electrical panel) and forward tower the radiator.  Note: I finally decided on fitting it behind the wiring board as it looked neater.  The instructions are correct according to the prototype, but I preferred something that looked neater rather than was strictly accurate.  Up to you which you prefer of course.  Your model is your model.


Now connect this to the bottom radiator hose.  You may need to trim the hose to length to get a good fit.


The second hose is fed underneath the fire wall, along side the passenger seat and behind the wiring panel. 


Note that the end towards the rear of the model is not connected yet.  

The photo below shows both pipes tucked behind the wiring panel.


Now connect the front of the hose to the radiator upper metal hose.


This completes the stage.



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