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Pack 9 - Stage 65. Front floor panel.

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Stage 65 gives us the front floor panel, and we also install the dashboard.


Take the dashboard and route the cables as shown in the photo.  I tamed the cables with a spare piece of black tape.


Half place the dashboard in position and feed the cables the chassis framework.


The instructions say to reconnect the plugs and sockets now, but I preferred to leave them until after the dash is finally fixed.

Remove the fire extinguisher pull from the dashboard frame.


Put the dashboard in position, making sure that the 4 posts on the underside of the dash are sitting squarely in the recesses on the chassis framework.


Turn the model over and fit the four screws.  Well, fit three of them anyway, I couldn't fit the front right screw as the cockpit floor gets in the way.  Not to worry, three screws hold the dash firmly.  Fitting these screws is quite tricky.  A magnetised screwdriver is essential.

This photo shows the rear left screw hiding in the shadows.  I couldn't get a decent photo of the other screws as they are hidden in the depths of the model.


I reconnected the plugs and sockets after the dash was completely fitted.  You can replace the fire extinguisher pull handle as well.


You need to remove the headlamp LEDs before you can fit the front floor panel.  I taped the loose cables to save them getting snagged.


Fit the front floor panel with 4 screws.


This completes the stage.


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