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Spoiler Alert! Megatron to Optimus. " Put your pants on Optimus you're not so sexy at the moment"


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Well guys. Here we go with stage 7 of Optimus Prime, so far this has been the only stage without any major metal, but as you see in the pics you have his skeletal legs now built, maybe not so much metal, but sure lots of good quality fibre polimer, heavy duty stuff and I set a 12" ruler in between to show you how tall his legs really are!

Yes he may not look very sexy at the moment, and if Megatron was on his way now, I would honestly leg it! 😂

But this is stunning stuff and a full honest opinion as a customer of Agoras, and when he gets his pants on he is gonna look really sexy, no doubt about it.

Enjoy guys.



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On 11/6/2023 at 10:18 AM, Christopher Christou said:

Coming together very nicely Phil!!surprising to see how tall just the legs are,it's going to be a real nice show peice when he's done.5 packs left😃

Now knowing what came in pack 8 I now guess that the legs are going to be a bit longer than this, and looking at the post on agora’s instagram page I am now very excited for what I assume is the end result of pack 10 in 2 months, and I agree, agora definitely doesn’t overlook quality when building these model kits, mine is coming together well and standing strong 

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Yes Ajacobi, you are correct his legs will be taller,because we really only at his knee, I'm also looking forward to getting to the hips.

He is strong and tough there is no doubt. And glad you're enjoying my friend.

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