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Pack 8 - Stage 63. Adding some details to the dashboard.

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Stage 63 gives us the dashboard, some details and some decals.


Push the master cut-off switch into the hole in the middle of the dash.


Push the starter switch into the hole in the dash.  The switch in the instructions looks like it has a slot, but my switch just had a hole.  However the key fits in it nice and firmly.


The decals go on quite easily.  As the surface is slightly textured I decided to use some decal setting liquid.  I used Microscale, but there are other brands that work just as well.  


Soak the decal in water until it slides easily on the backing paper.  Don't let it soak oolong that it floats off as that's probably dissolved most of the glue.  Paint a little of the blue solution where the decal goes then apply the decal and manoeuvre it into place.  Let the decal dry for about 10-15 mins, then apply the red solution.  This softens the decal and allows it to conform to the surface, so don't touch the decal after you've applied the red solution.  Sometimes the decal will wrinkle, but don't worry as it will flatten as it dries.

Other solutions are often just a single bottle, so follow the instructions supplied.

This completes the stage.  You can see the key fitted now as well.



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