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Star Trek

Venyige Ádâm

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Hi! I came up with a Star Trek partwork idea. Since the Star Trek Picard series is starting now, I thought I was going to celebrate this with a Star Trek idea. Eaglemoss Chollections launched a test last year of one of their series in which we need to build USS Enterprise D. But I hear no news of this now. Personally, I think it's a bit poorly executed. I was thinking that there could be a series in which we could put together weapons from the ST (number pheasers, communicator, tricorder, medical syringes, etc.) at the same time and build a federation ship. I think in the form of a huge scale replica. Bigger than the studio scale! Actually, if it were possible in a 1: 1 ratio then I would say let's go in. Everyone would have a monster ship. I'm crazy! Any aspect ratio that is larger than studio scale models can be appropriate. Would be good for TOS Enterprise, My personal favorite is Enterprise D, Enterprise E, Romulan Warfare, A Ferry, Enterprise NX-01 etc ... What do you think?

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