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Acapulco Blue GT500


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Hello everyone. Changing the supersnake. It’s going to be a GT500 with a 427 in her. Acapulco Blue with white stripes. These are so fun to change or modify. So far I just painted her blue. Next is sand her with 2000 grit wet and dry. Assemble the body so I can stripe her. Take it back apart and reclear the whole car. Then have a blast putting her together. 





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3 hours ago, Mark A said:

Moving right along! I can't wait to see this finished up!

Thank you. It’s a fun build!!! Love changing things around a bit. Temporary put some parts on. Starting to look good.  Going to lower the front end a little. I really like the color. The chassis I’m going to leave alone. Looks great as it is. Plus you’re not going to turn this monster over when it’s finished. 






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Engine is comming along nicely. Sanding seam lines on the headers. Painted headers flat black. Hand painted the nuts and bolts on the engine to give it a little detail. I am trying to get this ready for a local IPMS contest. Hence the sanding the seam lines and repainting. Not really necessary if you’re building for yourself as it’s a really great kit as is. But per IPMS rules, I am trying to get this as close to the rules as possible. The engine is beautiful. I have to confess, I am using some parts from a DeAgostini kit that was ruined from one of my friends. He gave it to me as he was going to put it in the trash. I am modifying the parts to fit and am using the hood, right door for the mirror. The front grill and the wheels. But this is 95 percent agora. It will be a regular GT500 with a 427 installed. There are less than a handful with a heart transplant. The supersnake was the ONLY one by Shelby American. The others were ford dealer installed. So I am making one of those. One came up on a muscle car show in Acapulco blue and is the inspiration for this build. 






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Engine installed. If you’ll notice , I painted the carb, like a Holley. Put a black wash on the alternator and put some electrical tape on the belt to make it look more realistic. Just a few of these little upgrades really make the model pop. I also glued the coil together and sanded the seam lines out. Painted it black and put some bare metal foil for the coil mounts. 



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