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Super Snake Pack 1 - Stage 3

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In stage 3, I am putting the window onto the main part of the left-hand door assembly. Here are the parts:1231474018_Pack3.jpg.58356a5063fbed838aa728adbf825c6d.jpg179111014_Pack3parts.jpg.90a258c3f9311313bfcc00455b48068b.jpg


The window lines up with 3 holes on the door. 3 MD05 screws are used to hold them together:



Put the door on a mat, careful not to scrape the paintwork. The hinge lays in the groove inside the door this way up:970957359_doorhinge1.png.2439c722de2e86df0282a365ce3c1c3c.png


If the hinge is the wrong way way up (in the picture below), then then the door will not close properly, so it is important to get it like the previous image above. Looking at the triangular end of the hinge, then the hypotenuse side (longest) lies on the door, with the right angle of the triangle 'in the air'.




The black hinge bracket will lay on top of the hinge to hold it in place, aligned with 2 lugs on the door. A MD06 screw will hold the hinge bracket on, and stage 3 is complete:



Stage complete!


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