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Is your Zero flying?

Jacques Longueville

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I finished the build of the Zero and its display base.

The initialisation does not work, I read all the posts in this forum and I tried all the suggestions made, including switching the J1,2,3 connections. Sometimes the lifting motors do work, but there is always one performing an endless loop. 

None of the other functions do work (no propeller, no lights, no guns).

I live in the EU and have bad experiences with requiring replacement parts from the UK, they take over 6 weeks to arrive, or do not come at all.

In this forum I read a lot about problems with the display base, and not one problem was solved in the end. What happened? Did they all give up?

Regards, Jacques

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  • Administrator

If you have one lifter continuously cycling the problem is likely to be the limit switches. There is some guidance in the troubleshooting guide. Most likely you need to place a card spacer under the limit switch assembly. Have a look at the guide and let me know if it helps or if you need more assistance. 

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