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Super Snake Pack 1 - Stage 1

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I'm starting stage 01 (you can see the 01 in the top right corner of the pack, every pack has a stage number printed on it).

One thing I noticed, and as been mentioned by a lot of people on forums/reviews, is the quality of the paintwork. The white is a specific, slightly-creamy and rich white, and the blue stripes have a metallic tint – like when you pay for metallic paint upgrade at the car showrooms! I'm really pleased with the paintwork; after seeing the original car in Las Vegas which has a lushness to it, the model paintwork is a fine and accurate tribute. I'm happy! 😁



These are all the parts that will be used for stage 1 layed out:



First job is to attach the grille. The grille rests nicely on the front fascia then secured the grill onto the front fascia with MD02 screws (tightly to stop it rattling around)



Next I put the front bumper in. If the four bumps (2 under each headlight) are facing up then it is on the right way! Otherwise flip it over as it won't fit! Next I screwed 2 screws to attach the number in place - all quite easy!



Next is the headlight. The lamp goes in through the front of the car and connects with a screw on the back. The lamp will not fit if you try to put it on from the back. On each lamp is a tiny ‘L’ or ‘R’ so that you know which lamp goes into which side of the fascia. The direction is based on if you were sitting in the car, so driver’s-left and driver’s-right. I use an MD01 screw to fix the light in place.


Then I do the same thing for the other headlight (right-side).


My chrome bumber got loads of fingerprints on it by now, so its nice to polish up the bumper to keep it shiny! (apologies for the blatant Agora advertising!!!!)



Stage 1 of the Super Snake complete. It looks cool! 





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