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Pack 7 - Stage 38. Testing the motor.

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Stage 38 gives us a test board and cable so we can test the motor and ensure that the engines rotate.


Thread the motor cable through the hole in the engine room floor.


Insert the two engine shafts through the thrust blocks and into teh engine flywheels.  Make sure that the shaft is fully inserted into the D shaped hole in the flywheel.  


Now slide the gearbox forward and engage the two shafts in the sockets in the gearbox.  You'll need to rotate the flywheels until the D of the shaft lines up with the D of the gearbox socket.  Then secure it with 4 screws.


Connect the motor cable to the test board, and also connect the USB cable to the board and a suitable USB power supply, such as a phone charger.  Do NOT pull the cables to unplug the motor cable plug from he test board as you may well pull the cables out of the socket.  Use a pair of tweezers or small pliers to grip the plastic plug.


Now you can test the motor.  I did take a video but it was too big for the forum software, so give me a day or so and I'll retake it and complete this stage.  Watch this space!


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