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Super Snake Pack 10 - Stage 74

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Stage 74, distributor, spark plug and oil pan:



First of all, I sandwich the ignition coil connector between the ignition coil top and bottom. The ignition coil connector should point up compared to the lugs on the ignition coil bottom. Then I press the ignition coil on to the engine:



Next, I press the breather pipe connector and distributor into the engine:



Now I cut all of the lengths of the wire and line them up in the same order as shown in the instructions:



Next, I push the spark wire connectors into the end of each wire. I then place the connectors on to the distributor, and then the other end of the wire goes into the side of the engine. The position that i place the spark plugs are not random. The instruction show the correct order:



I now screw the oil pan underneath the engine with 1 screw:



The engine is now ready for me to screw on to the chassis. The exhaust pipes under the car connect to the pipes coming out the engine. Then 2 screws go in to hold the engine in place:



Stage complete


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