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Pack 6 - Stage 50. Right hand door.

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Stage 50 gives us the right hand door, but we start by fitting the sun visors.


Take on the sun visor brackets labelled 2 or 3.  Carefully remove from the sprue and remove all the flash.   Now press it into the head lining.  Be careful, the carpet monster will have his greedy eyes on this!!


Press the pin on the sun visor into the bracket.  It's quite stiff, and needs to be a friction fit to stop the visor dropping down on its own.


Then secure the visor with a second bracket marked 1 or 4.


Repeat the process with the driver's sun visor.


Fit the head lining into the bodywork and secure with 4 screws.  The screws are a bit conspicuous at the moment, but will be covered with some coloured stickers later and should virtually disappear.


Fit the lock to the door.  This is a tight fit and requires a firm push.


Slide the handle in from the the rear.


The front of the handle clips into the hole in the door.


Place the hinge in position.


Secure it with the hinge bracket and two screws.

Edit:  Make sure this spring plate is screwed down very firmly or the door may not hold closed onto finished model.


The spring plate should hold down firmly against the door with the hing pin the closed position.


This completes the stage, and the pack.


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