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remote control

dave kelsey

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after completing the electonics, everthing worked but using the firing buttons they did not 

work, when it went thru the sequence where it talks in german  and moves the guns ,elevates and fires, but using the firing buttons by them selfs nothing  does anyone else have this problem or a fix to it

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So the facts are:

Press each individual main cannon firing button - no result in audio or mechanical movement

Press and run the firing sequence  - everything works including the audio and mechanical firing of the main guns.

So, that would mean that:

The main guns are fully functional.  So no issue there. (computers and audio and remote control button are all working).

Now if all the individual firing buttons do not work (as you say), that would probably mean that the individual buttons are working (because I doubt that 4 firing buttons would fail - extremely unlikely) but the signal is not being received  within the computer module and thus not being sent out to the guns. 

So looks like there is a possible problem with the main computer assembly.  Before going any further I would change the batteries in the remote unit as many users find that they deplete after a few days even when not being used.

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