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Pack 4 - Stage 28. Rear drive shafts.

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Stage 28 gives us the rear drive shafts and hubs.


Now we get mount the engine to the rear sub-frame.  Turn the engine upside down, and put the sub-frame in position.

It's secured with 4 screws.  Note that 2 different types are used as two go into the plastic of the sump and two go into the metal of the engine casing.

However, before fixing the engine it's worth test fitting the drive shafts.  I found that one was very tight and needed a little easing with a file.


The left drive shaft has a longer pin.  Push this into the left side of the transmission.P2230710.thumb.JPG.2b40bcc536ef6c424ccbca8a830f33ef.JPG

Fit the hub and wheel hub plate to secure the hub to the wishbone.


Fold the hub into position such that the end of the drive shaft sits in the recess in the inside of the hub.


Fix the top of the hub to the top wishbone with a screw.


Repeat the process with the other drive shaft and hub.


This completes the stage, and the engine is looking really good now it's in position.


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