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Pack 5 - Stage 30. Front brakes & steering.

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Stage 30 gives us the front brakes and steering.


The steering link is fitted to the dashboard frame assembly.  It's held with a single screw, and make sure that the piñon the end of the steering column gies through the slot on the steering link.


The steering rack is screwed to the two hub carriers, again, making sure that the pin i=on the steering link goes through the slot on the steering rack.


Here's a close-up of the hub carrier connection.


And a close-up of the steering link.


Now we move on to the brakes.  Fit the left brake cooking duct to the hub carrier.


Fit the brake disc from stage 3 to the hub.  You'll find it's very loose at the moment.  Don't worry, it will eb secured properly at a later stage.

The brake discs are handed left and right, so note the direction off the cooling holes which face forward a the top.


Fit the caliper with a couple of screws.


Now push the brake piston cover in place.


That completes the left hand brake.  The right hand brake is the same assembly.

Stick the two etched plates to the brake disc.  Again, note the direction of the holes.


Screw the two halves of the brake disc together.


The rest of the assembly is exactly the same as the left hand side.


Now we move on to the front suspension.  Screw the two left hand lower wishbone brackets to the chassis.


Place the spring over the shock absorber cylinder and insert the piston into the hole as you bring the dashboard frame towards its horizontal position.


As you swing the dash board frame over, insert the right hand shock spring.


Secure the front arms of the dashboard frame to the front of the chassis.


Now secure the two lower wishbone brackets.


This completes the stage.


That completes the stage, and sorry for the slightly out of focus shot.  I hadn't notices the auto-focus locked onto the cutting mat!


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